Cher speaks out on reported Madonna feud

Cher has put her former feud with Madonna to rest, insisting she has nothing but respect for the singer and her ability to stay on top of the latest trends.

Cher took part in a question and answer session with fans on on Saturday when she was asked if she still hates Madonna, a year after appearing to criticize the Material Girl's decision to call her last album "MDNA," a take on drug MDMA.

She replied to the fan, "Madge, no. Actually I don't [hate her]. I never hated her, I just thought she was a b----. Actually I quite respect her." She went on to lavish praise on the singer, adding: "Actually, I think Madge might be one of the most amazing artists I've known. I don't like everything she does, for sure, but she is always riding the crest of the wave. She always saw trends WAY before anyone else, and had great videos."

Cher came under attack from Madonna's loyal fans last year after sarcastically calling her "MDNA" album title "tasteful." The 67-year-old also previously took aim at the pop veteran during Madonna's 2006 Confessions tour, when she said stunts like entering from the ceiling and cracking a whip were eerily familiar to her own past stage antics. She said, "I look at Madonna and think, 'Nice try, dear, but you're not doing anything I didn't do 20 years ago.'"