On this day: Oct. 9: 'Erotica', the song, enters the Billboard singles chart

October 09, 1992
"Erotica", the song, enters the Billboard singles chart.
Single by Madonna
From the album Erotica
Format: CD, 7", 12", cassette
Recorded: January 15–16, 1992 (Manhattan, New York),
June 8, 1992 at Soundworks Recording Studio (Astoria, New York)
Genre: Trip hop, new jack swing, dance-pop, R&B
Length: 5:18
Label: Maverick, Sire, Warner Bros.
Writer(s): Madonna, Shep Pettibone, Anthony Shimkin, 
Clayton Smith, Dennis "D.T." Thomas, Donald Boyce, 
George Brown, Richard Westfield, Robert "Kool" Bell, 
Robert "Spike" Mickens, Ronald Bell
Producer(s): Madonna, Pettibone
"Erotica" is a song by American singer-songwriter Madonna, from her fifth studio album of the same name (1992). It was released as the lead single from the album on October 11, 1992 by Maverick Records. The song was later included on her greatest hits albums GHV2 (2001) and Celebration (2009). The song was written by Madonna, Shep Pettibone and Anthony Shimkin, while production was handled by the first two. Musically, "Erotica" contains spoken word vocals, while it is an ode to S&M, with Madonna using a pseudonym called "Dita", inviting her lover to be passive and while she makes love to him and leads him to explore boundaries between pain and pleasure.
"Erotica" initially received mixed reviews from music critics; it was seen as a high point of innovation in Madonna's career, while others found it scary. The song debuted at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming one of the highest debuts on the chart history at the time, eventually peaking at number three. Additionally, it became a success on the Hot Dance Club Play chart, reaching the top position. "Erotica" also found commercial success internationally, peaking in the top ten in several countries including Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.
The accompanying music video for the song was directed by fashion photographer Fabien Baron, and featured a masked Madonna in a dominatrix costume. It also featured celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Big Daddy Kane. The video was highly controversial, being aired by MTV a total of three times, all of these after the 10pm watershed. Madonna performed "Erotica" as the opening song on The Girlie Show World Tour (1993). Years later, she performed the song as part of the Confessions Tour in 2006, including lyrics from the original demo of the song in the performance. In 2012, Madonna performed excerpts from the song during a medley of "Candy Shop" on the MDNA Tour. (Wiki)
Erotic (SEX CD Promo Single)
Track listings
Major formats released for "Erotica":
US 7" single, Cassette single / Japanese 3" CD single (9-18782-2)
"Erotica" (Album Version) — 5:17
"Erotica" (Instrumental) — 5:17
UK / European 7" single, Cassette single (9-18681-7)
"Erotica" (Album Edit) — 4:32
"Erotica" (Instrumental) — 5:17
US CD maxi-single (9-40585-2)
"Erotica" (Album Editt) — 4:32
"Erotica" (Kenlou B-Boy Mix) — 6:27
"Erotica" (WO 12") — 6:12
"Erotica" (Underground Club Mix) — 4:57
"Erotica" (Masters At Work Dub) — 4:57
"Erotica" (Jeep Beats) — 5:53
"Erotica" (Madonna's in My Jeep Mix) — 5:50
UK 12" vinyl, 12" Picture Disc / European 12" vinyl (W0138T)
"Erotica" (Album Version) — 5:17
"Erotica" (Instrumental) — 5:12
"Erotica" (Radio Edit) — 4:33
UK / European CD single (9-40657-2)
"Erotica" (Radio Edit) — 4:33
"Erotica" (Album Version) — 5:17
"Erotica" (Instrumental) — 5:12
US Cassette Maxi-single (9-40585-4)
"Erotica" (Kenlou B-Boy Mix) — 6:23
"Erotica" (Jeep Beats) — 5:48
"Erotica" (Madonna's In My Jeep Mix) — 5:46
"Erotica" (William Orbit 12") — 6:07
"Erotica" (Underground Club Mix) — 4:53
"Erotica" (Bass Hit Dub) — 4:47
European CD Maxi-single (9-40706-2)
"Erotica" (William Orbit 12") — 6:07
"Erotica" (Kenlou B-Boy Mix) — 6:25
"Erotica" (Underground Club Mix) — 4:53
"Erotica" (William Orbit Dub) — 4:53
"Erotica" (Madonna's In My Jeep Mix) — 5:46
Japanese CD EP (WPCR-1510)
"Erotica" (Radio Edit) — 4:33
"Erotica" (Kenlou B-Boy Mix) — 6:25
"Erotica" (William Orbit 12) — 6:07
"Erotica" (Underground Club Mix) — 4:53
"Erotica" (Masters At Work Dub) — 4:51
"Erotica" (Jeep Beats) — 5:48
"Erotica" (Madonna's In My Jeep Mix) — 5:46
2x12" promo single (PRO-A-5960)
A1. "Erotica" (Kenlou B-Boy Mix) — 6:23
A2. "Erotica" (Kenlou B-Boy Instrumental) — 5:54
B1. "Erotica" (Madonna's In My Jeep Mix) — 5:46
B2. "Erotica" (Jeep Beats) — 5:48
B3. "Erotica" (Underground Tribal Beats) — 3:30
C1. "Erotica" (Underground Club Mix) — 4:53
C2. "Erotica" (Masters At Work Dub) — 4:51
C3. "Erotica" (Bass Hit Dub) — 4:47
D1. "Erotica" (William Orbit 12") — 6:07
D2. "Erotica" (William Orbit Dub) — 4:53
D3. "Erotica" (House Instrumental) — 4:49
Sex CD promo single (PRO-CD-5648)
"Erotic" — 5:20


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