Pharrell Williams Fell Out With Madonna During Hard Candy Recording

Pharrell Williams suffered a major fall out with Madonna during the making of her album Hard Candy after the pop superstar took offence to the hip-hop producer's criticisms.

The Blurred Lines hitmaker teamed up with Madonna to work on tracks for the 2008 release, but their friendship took a hit after the Material Girl decided she had had enough of Williams' comments.

 According to Details magazine, the Queen of Pop lashed out at her pal, telling him, "You can't talk to me like that", but the outburst later prompted the pair to sit down and clear the air.

 Williams remains unapologetic about his approach to perfecting his music and insists it's just the way he works.

 He tells the publication, "You'll never discover anything by matching what's going on. The key is to find that which does not exist and try to make it undeniable."