So… Why Is Madonna Wearing a Grill?

On Wednesday, Madonna paid a visit to the Rome branch of her Hard Candy Fitness chain, waving to the throngs of fans stationed outside and flashing smiles for photographers. But Madonna’s smiles were a little creepier than usual, as her pearly whites were concealed by a heavy-duty grill.

So. Why is Madonna wearing a grill? It’s definitely not because it flatters her.


The answer is simple but boggling: Grills are in right now, especially among female pop stars.

If we had to point to the star responsible for the recent resurgence in popularity, it’d be Rihanna, who slipped in a silver mouthpiece sometime last year in what was interpreted as a show of solidarity with Chris Brown, who’d sported a similar look the same week. She’s showed off a couple of expensive grills since then, including one shaped like a machine gun.


Naturally, Miley Cyrus — whose look borrows rather heavily from Rihanna’s — has experimented with jewelry in her sizeable veneers:


And so has Beyoncé. Because she’s Beyoncé, and she can.


When Selena Gomez does it, we’ll know the moment has officially passed, and hopefully Madonna will be able to smile once more without looking like a comic book villain. But only time will tell.